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40 year old entrepreneur, business professional, sales rock-star, customer service superstar and data analyst.



Justin Carrafield is a 40 year old entrepreneur, business professional, customer service superstar, data analyst and Google expert originally from Southern California. He leads a well managed life and strives to maintain a positive influence in his community. He loves his family, his work, his life, his animals and is very passionate about his beliefs. He enjoys playing music on the drums, listening to music, enjoying the company of his friends and family, going camping, working out, staying active and spending as much time as possible with his American Pitbull Harley.


Justin Carrafield was born 1983 in Mission Viejo, CA. He grew up in Orange County, CA, and attended Barcelona Elementary school. He played baseball and frequently rode his skateboard. As he got older his family moved to Laguna Hills, CA where he attended Laguna HIlls High School and graduated with a 3.8 GPA as class of 2001.

He attended college online in 2002 and studied business science. After college, he immediately chose to become the business professional he is today. HIs background came to fruition when He quickly realized his love for customer service and sales at just 20 years old. This is when his love for tech development and customer service really blossomed.


Currently, Justin Carrafield maintains professionalism by owning and operating a number of businesses in the tech field.  He is often quoted to say “A good boss teaches you to be your own boss” and began his ventures as an entrepreneur.

Equipped with his experience in data analysis, stellar customer service skills, and unmatched entrepreneurial drive, Justin Carrafield has spent over two decades helping small businesses reach their goals while pursuing his own personal and professional growth.

Justin is a dedicated individual who pours endless passion into every project he takes on. By collaborating with businesses to assist them in achieving accelerated growth and development through his strategic online marketing solutions, he aims to facilitate enriching experiences that drive sustainable results.

In addition to cultivating success in online marketing, Justin is an experienced online hydroponics retailer and has co-founded multiple businesses that offer services within the content creation, marketing, and consulting spaces. Pinocchio’s Umbrella LLC, Conservative Vectors LLC, and Ohm Vibrations Sound Studios are businesses he currently co-owns and operates.


Justin is a Southern California native. When he isn’t working with his clients, he enjoys spending time with his community, family, and lovable American pitbull, Harley.

Some of his other reputes include Frank Williams Construction, Massage Champagne, Buds and Cuts Hair Salon, United Service Dog Certification of California, Apple Valley Well Builders and more. He also owns Conservative Green Vectors LLC and a Marketing Company Called DabPak Marketing which has assisted in online marketing for companies like North Phoenix Specialty Car Detailing, Arizona Well Drilling and Coring, All You Need Landscaping and Arizona Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

As a fertigation and horticulture specialist, Justin Carrafield offers others the tools to help their smallest seeds realize their fullest potential.

For over 20 years, Justin has also worked on numerous farms and in medical marijuana facilities, dedicating thousands of hours to perfecting his cultivation techniques. From sharing his expertise to successfully developing and implementing irrigation systems, his ultimate goal has always been to equip both farmers and proud “plant parents” with the skills to grow mature, healthy plants.

When he isn’t maximizing crop yields, Justin is an online hydroponics retailer specializing in professional equipment designed to encourage optimal plant growth. By helping his customers feel heard, understood, and supported throughout the hydro process, he aims to facilitate a results-driven experience from setup to cultivation.


Justin never fails to bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to every project he undertakes, and nothing brings him more joy than helping people, plants, and businesses flourish!

Some of his role models include Bruce Lee, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet. He currently lives a healthy and active lifestyle and refrains from any negative activities that would deplete his career and reputation.


Justin Carrafield has big goals and an exciting outlook for his life in the future. His goals include purchasing property, strategizing more of his business ideas, getting married and eventually donating his time and efforts into helping those suffering from homelessness by proving streamlined education, transitional assistance and resources to those in need.



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