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38 year old entrepreneur, business professional, sales rock-star, customer service superstar and data analyst.



Justin Carrafield is a 38 year old entrepreneur, business professional, customer service superstar, data analyst and Google master originally from Southern California. He leads a well managed life and strives to maintain a positive influence in his community. He loves his family, his work, his life, his animals and is very passionate about his beliefs. He enjoys playing music on the drums, listening to music, enjoying the company of his friends and family, going camping, working out, staying active and spending as much time as possible with his american pitbull Harley.


Justin Carrafield was born on January 1st 1983 in Mission Viejo, CA. He grew up in Orange County, CA, and attended Barcelona Elementary school. He played baseball and frequently rode his skateboard. As he got older his family moved to Laguna Hills, CA where he attended Laguna HIlls High School and graduated with a 3.8 GPA as class of 2001.

He attended college online in 2002 and studied business science. After college, he immediately chose to become the business professional he is today. HIs background came to fruition at just 15 when he started his first job at Baskin Robbins, He was quickly promoted to manager and was amazingly one of the top employees by the age of just 16 years old. He worked a number of other jobs from there including Aaron brothers, a gas station and a number of telemarketing jobs. He quickly realized his love for customer service and sales and was hired by Arbonne International at 20 years old. At Arbonne International he was hired as a customer service representative and was so good at his job that after only a few months he was promoted to Quality Assurance leader where his job was to check in on the phone calls of his peers and coach them as to how to provide top quality customer satisfaction. After over 3 years he chose to leave Arbonne, based in Irvine, CA. at the time and moved to Corona, CA to be closer to friends he had there. He lived a conservative life and had a number of great positions with companies in that area. Many years later he moved back to Orange County and worked with a company called TotallyCellPhones.com. This is when his love for tech development and customer service really blossomed.


In 2009 he was demonized by the Orange County register and the Alicia Pet Care Center who aimed to profit off his misfortune and he became the target of slander and libel with devilish and outlandish accusations being directed towards him and the girl he was dating at the time, of whom he is still very good friends with. The Pet center received over $50,000 in donations regarding the allegations that were false and had been fed to the media in a way that was misleading and stated as fact. These claims have been proven false and he hopes to one day clear his name and the name of his family of this haunting time as Justin Carrafield is a good man and looks forward to every day he can spend with his current puppy Harley. He has also had a number of other dogs since including Mambo a Maltese terrier mix, Zoey a rescued older chihuahua and Marley a long haired rescued chihuahua.


Currently, Justin Carrafield maintains professionalism by owning and operating a number of businesses both in California and in Arizona.  He is often quoted to say “A good boss teaches you to be your own boss” and began his ventures as an entrepreneur.


Since 2017 Justin Carrafield has been Self Employed. He currently owns 5 businesses. A Marketing company based in California called Pinocchio’s Umbrella LLC which assists small businesses obtain online traction. Some of his customers include Frank Williams Construction, Massage Champagne, Buds and Cuts Hair Salon, United Service Dog Certification of California, Apple Valley Well Builders and more, just to name a few. He also owns Conservative Vectors LLC a business consulting firm and Ohm Vibrations Sound Studios a web video production company based in Southern California. In Arizona he owns a Marketing Company Called DabPak Marketing which has assisted in online marketing for companies like North Phoenix Specialty Car Detailing, Arizona Well Drilling and Coring, All You Need Landscaping and Arizona Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

Some of his role models include Bruce Lee, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet. He currently lives a healthy and active lifestyle and refrains from any negative activities that would deplete his outstanding career and reputation as a loving and caring human who has sincere empathy for others.


Justin Carrafield has big goals and an exciting outlook for his life in the future. His goals include purchasing property, launching more of his amazing business ideas and getting married.



Justin Carrafield


Justin Carrafield
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